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Tue Feb 17 07:21:31 PST 2009

"sudo: port: command not found" means something like 'I cannot find  
the executable file port'.

Usually tricks are done to search for executables in different  
locations; this is done with an environment variable named $PATH
You can show your path with the command: "echo $PATH"; when your  
MacPorts /bin directory is not listed on your path, the computer  
doesn't know where to find it.

A simple solution is to specify where the command port can be found, (/ 
opt/local/bin is the default location), example:
"sudo /opt/local/bin/port install glew"

A little more difficult is that add you MacPorts bin folder to your  


Op 17 feb 2009, om 11:05 heeft vinitha ks het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I donloaded glew1.5.1 source,but there is library for mac.How can  
> create mac libray for glew?
> when i tried "sudo port install glew" ,it shows error like "sudo:  
> port: command not found"
> Anyone can help me?
> Thanks,
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