mesa conflict with xorg-glproto

William Davis frstan at
Tue Feb 24 07:14:11 PST 2009

--->  Activating mesa @7.2_5+hw_render
Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Image error: /opt/local/ 
include/GL/glxint.h is being used by the active xorg-glproto port.   
Please deactivate this port first, or use the -f flag to force the  
Error: The following dependencies failed to build: mesa
Error: Unable to upgrade port: 1

Should I use -f as this mesg indicates?

William Davis
Mac OS X.5.6 Darwin 9.5.0
XQuartz 2.3.2 (xorg-server 1.4.2-apple31)
Mac Mini Intel Duo @ 1.86 GHz

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