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Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Tue Feb 24 20:41:41 PST 2009

On Feb 24, 2009, at 7:13 PM, Mike Savory wrote:

> ----- from the layout file....
> #   Classical Apache path layout.
> <Layout Apache>
>    prefix:        /usr/local/apache2

So I think I get it, since apache2 likes to be in /usr/local/apache2  
people are equating that to /opt/local/apache2.

Myself,  I look at /opt/local as being the top root of /usr/local.

I don't know, I do not get it, if someone can explain to me why a  
terse and strict error message to an end user is preferable to just  
moving a install to the guideline based location?

> So what you are actually suggesting is changing the default layout
>    htdocsdir:     ${datadir}/htdocs
> to read in macports
>    htdocsdir:     ${prefix}/www
> to comply with the standard layout?

Well, I am still reading the docs, and not entirely suggesting  
anything.  There my be a reason why the issues I see with this,  
outweigh the ideal to follow the guidelines. That is why I was asking.

But yes, I am suggesting it be in /opt/local/etc or wherever is most  
appropriate according to the guidelines.  Let's just say, if I were  
writing this port and it had never been written before, I would have  
seen those guidelines, and put it elsewhere.  Is this to mean, I am  
reading those guidelines wrong?

> I believe the
> destroot.violate_mtree yes
> in the portfile is primarily  to allow the platform Darwin to  
> install files outside the prefix.

I very much think you are correct as well.  That makes sense, as there  
are a few cases, where you just may have to do this, and you need that  
warning, in order to know you are doing something ASU may kill.  This  
is apache2, it should not generate an alert.  There is nothing funky  
about it.

Maybe MacPorts should then dismiss the warning except when things are  
installed outside of prefix, then this makes sense.  They should also  
update the docs to allow anything to go in /opt/local.

What I can say, is I am more than a new ports user, still beginner,  
but if I were a totally new user, this would be a hang-up to me, maybe  
most just let it go and ignore the warning, I tend to not be that  
person, as these emails probably illustrate :)

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