X11 GTK sub-pixel anti-aliasing?

Evan Jones evanj at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 25 05:11:53 PST 2009

On Feb 24, 2009, at 21:02 , Evan Jones wrote:
> The text drawn by my GTK apps from MacPorts does not use sub-pixel  
> anti-aliasing, despite the fact I have tried to configure my  
> ~/.fonts.conf file to specify that it should be used.

Some further details for future reference:

* It appears that GTK apps are using Mac OS X's native ATSUI to draw  
text. At least, using sampler on a GTK app shows pango calling in to  
ATSUI. This would explain why configuring ~/.fonts.conf would do  
nothing: it isn't using Xft to draw text!

* This bug appears to be related:


I have not tried rebuilding pango without ATSUI support, since I've  
spent enough time on this and need to get some "real" work done.


Evan Jones

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