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Bill Hernandez ms at mac-specialist.com
Wed Feb 25 23:35:22 PST 2009

On Feb 25, 2009, at 12:13 AM, Bradley Giesbrecht wrote:

> So we would add /usr/local/apache/bin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:/usr/ 
> local/pgsql/bin:/usr/local/php/bin:etc............................
> to our environment path?
> And when apache, mysql or pgsql data out grow your disks you would  
> move all your bin, data and etc to another volume and change your  
> paths and startup parameters so they could find the new location for  
> configs?
> Data often needs to move. Binaries and configs hardly ever.
> I think Scott sees an inconsistency and an error with the macports  
> apache2 install. That's hard to deny.
> Why not just park everything at /. No distribution I know of  
> including apple will over write /apache2 and /mysql. Ok, now I'm  
> kidding. Oh, maybe not.
> ls /opt/local | cat
> apache2
> bin
> etc
> include
> lib
> libexec
> man
> sbin
> share
> sql-bench
> var
> Doesn't apache2 and sql-bench just look odd. Maybe we should give  
> them a bunch of company.
> I think of /opt/local/ as the root or macports.


Good point...

I don't have huge amounts of data, so I have not run into that  
problem, but it's a good point nevertheless.

Matter of fact, all your points make great sense. I just like going  
to /opt/local/apache2 and finding everything related to apache in one  

I remember when I did one of my first installs and began trying to  
track down the logfiles to mysql and pgsql. It took me some time to  
locate them due to what I considered to be some inconsistencies. Now  
that I have done this a few times, it doesn't matter where the stuff  
lives. It is obvious that I was only considering the convenience, and  
not the practicality.


Apache on the other hand was very easy to locate.


Now that I more or less know where things live, it doesn't matter, but  
in the beginning it was not easy tracking down  all the logs and conf  
files. I should have taken a unix course, darn...

Periodically I will do a clean install of the operating system, and  
all the applications. I take that opportunity to do a clean install of  
all the ports I need.

I've done this several times now, on multiple computers, so I  
eventually wrote a shell script that backs up the databases, all the  
config files, etc. The script install what I need, and initializes the  
databases, creates all the symlinks, and a bunch of little cleanup  
stuff. I seem to have worked out all the little kinks, because the  
last three or four times everything has gone very well. BUT in the  
beginning it was a pain figuring out where all this stuff lived.

So if you guys think its better to correct the layout to fit in with  
the rest of the ports, I will be very happy, and make any adjustments  
to my script.

[2009.26.02](12:55AM) -> [roscoe] ~ $ port installed
The following ports are currently installed:
  apache2 @2.2.9_1+darwin_9 (active)
  apr @1.3.2_0+darwin_9 (active)
  apr-util @1.3.2_0 (active)
  bison @2.3_2 (active)
  bzip2 @1.0.5_1 (active)
  curl @7.18.2_0 (active)
  cyrus-sasl2 @2.1.21_0+kerberos (active)
  db44 @4.4.20_1 (active)
  db46 @4.6.21_1 (active)
  expat @2.0.1_0 (active)
  fontconfig @2.6.0_0+macosx (active)
  freetype @2.3.7_3+macosx (active)
  gawk @3.1.6_0 (active)
  gd2 @2.0.35_1 (active)
  gettext @0.17_3 (active)
  gmake @3.81_0 (active)
  gperf @3.0.3_0 (active)
  jpeg @6b_2 (active)
  libiconv @1.12_0 (active)
  libmcrypt @2.5.8_0 (active)
  libpng @1.2.29_0 (active)
  libtool @1.5.26_0 (active)
  libxml2 @2.6.32_1 (active)
  libxslt @1.1.23_0 (active)
  m4 @1.4.11_0 (active)
  mhash @0.9.9_0 (active)
  mysql5 @5.0.51a_0+server (active)
  ncurses @5.6_0 (active)
  ncursesw @5.6_1 (active)
  openldap @2.3.35_0 (active)
  openssl @0.9.8h_0 (active)
  ossp-uuid @1.6.1_0 (active)
  pcre @7.7_0 (active)
  perl5.8 @5.8.8_3+darwin_9 (active)
  php5 @5.2.6_1+apache2+fastcgi+ipc+macosx+mysql5+pcntl+pear 
+postgresql83+readline+sockets+sqlite+tidy (active)
  pkgconfig @0.23_0 (active)
  postgresql83 @8.3.3_0 (active)
  postgresql83-doc @8.3.3_0 (active)
  postgresql83-server @8.3.3_0 (active)
  readline @5.2.012_1 (active)
  rpl @1.4.0_0 (active)
  sqlite3 @3.5.9_0 (active)
  tidy @20051026_0 (active)
  tiff @3.8.2_2+darwin_9+macosx (active)
  zlib @1.2.3_1 (active)
[2009.26.02](12:55AM) -> [roscoe] ~ $

Best Regards,

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas

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