how to use the bash provided by macports

Eckhard Wiemann e_wiemann at
Fri Feb 27 06:20:25 PST 2009

Hi everyone,

does anybody know how I can tell my xterm to invoke the new bash 4  
(which I installed via Macports) when starting up? My wm is  
ratpoison, but ratpoison does nothing than to start xterm. Ratpoison  
in turn is invoked by via ~/xinitrc.


MacBook-Wiemann /Users/eckhardwiemann:
which bash


MacBook-Wiemann /Users/eckhardwiemann:


MacBook-Wiemann /Users/eckhardwiemann:
echo $SHELL


In my Aqua-Terminal I can use the opt/local/bin/bash, but when I work  
with cmd-lines I like to work with X11 instead of Aqua.

I think I have to reset an env variable like SHELL, but I can't  
figure out how to change it BEFORE bash ist invoked.

Any hints (also links on the Internet where I can learn more about  
these mechanisms) would be appreciated.



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