Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Feb 27 07:09:09 PST 2009

Scott Haneda wrote:
> [Dependencies for p5-* ports]
> Suggestions to alleviate this problem?

The only thing you can do currently is to look a the list of
dependencies on the CPAN website and copy that into depends_lib of your
new p5-* port.

The long-term solution would be to make cpan2port usable. This is a
project which Marc Chantreux (mc@) began to work on, but it did not
advance much since then. I think we need a person with experience in
Perl/CPAN here.

The script is written in Perl, which is good taking into account that
this integrates best with existing architectures.

See this thread in the archives,

> Tie::RDBM
> This one needs dbi, (p5-dbi), and I honestly can not remember how it  
> was that I figured that out.  Tie:RDBM is even more complex, as it is  
> contained inside Tie::dbi. So let me break that out, I needed  
> Tie:RDBM, to get to it, I needed to find Tie:dbi, which has a  
> dependency on DBI.
> Suggestions to alleviate this problem?

How would you know this not using MacPorts? CPAN?

At best, the description for Tie::DBI can note Tie::RDBM. Again,
cpan2port could help maintaining dependencies for p5-* ports.

> If the answer is, I should write some small perl code to use each of  
> the features of the module to make sure, I can live with that, and  
> learn to do so.  Hopefully, there is some handy little trick that will  
> allow one off commands that can accomplish the same thing.

If the module has its own test cases you can run them using port. As the
perl5 port group already defines ' yes', it assumes all modules
come with test cases. So you only need to run `port test`.


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