how to use the bash provided by macports

Eckhard Wiemann e_wiemann at
Fri Feb 27 10:45:33 PST 2009

> For xterm, you could simply invoke it using
>   xterm -e /opt/local/bin/bash
This worked fine, but only the first time my wm launched an xterm. 

> To change SHELL, you would have to change your login shell for your
> user. I would discourage to do so, as a broken login shell prevents you
> from logging in (at least it does on other *NIX systems, correct me if
> this is different for Mac OS X). In this case, I would recommend at
> least having a second account with /bin/bash around, otherwise recovery
> would only be possible using a boot CD.

Good idea, thank you! I changed the login shell via the NetInfoManager,
not without testing if it is possible to restore it from another
account. But still if this failed, the Aqua-Terminal is robust and
chooses the "normal" /bin/bash if it can't find the new one.
By the way, the login via GUI was not influenced by these experiments.

Thanks a lot,


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