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Fri Feb 27 14:51:24 PST 2009

On Feb 27, 2009, at 5:23 PM, Scott Haneda wrote:
> Well, if that is the case, that is in part good. My issue I believe  
> is that ASSP, installs a file for example, ASSP/files/blacklist.txt
> In it, is a list of known bad IP's that everyone would want to use  
> in their spam proxy.  It is a good starting point.  But you, as a  
> user, will use the web admin, to modify this file, and add more to  
> it.  When someone comes along and port update's, that file is going  
> to get wiped out, and the one from the ditro put in place, writing  
> over the users changes.
> I need to solve that?  There is no set of sample conf files I can  
> put into place.

blacklist.txt seems like a conf file to me.

Install it as blacklist.txt.sample and either

1. ouput a ui_msg that tells the person to copy blacklist.txt.sample  
to blacklist.txt


2. in post-activate check to see if blacklist.txt exists, if not copy  
blacklist.txt.sample to blacklist.txt

Do this for each of the files.

squid does this for squid.conf and mime.conf, so you can look there if  
you want to see an example.

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