Perl error, once and for all

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Sat Feb 28 21:35:59 PST 2009

On Feb 28, 2009, at 6:53 PM, Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> On 2009-02-26 04:28:46 -0800, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> I think you have to modify the module to "use lib" and supply a path.
> No need to do that. Just modify PERL5LIB in your environment once and
> for all (you or MacPorts had to do the same for $PATH, $LIBRARY_PATH,
> $C_INCLUDE_PATH or whatever, anyway). RTFM.

This is the MacPorts Users list. Right?

So just who are MacPorts Users? I know next to nothing about perl. But  
I use it everyday because it's everywhere.

I just want to install something that needs a perl and a p5 module. Do  
I really need to RTFM for that?

If I want to install a something written in C of C++ should I just RTFM?

Now if your talking to port authors you may have a point but even then  
I don't understand why the perl5 port wouldn't set necessary env's up  
for me.

When you compile on your own to /usr/local or where ever you get an  
understanding of the process and the environment that you just don't  
get from "port install perl5".

Seeing as "port install perl5" is supposed to easier then downloading  
perl sources and winging it on ones own it's only understandable that  
people are confused when it doesn't "just work". If "port install  
perl5" isn't supposed to be easier then why in the heck is there a  
perl5 port. Does it turbo charge perl? Make it run factors faster?

I have a question. Why are there man pages for perl modules that are  
not installed?

Why do I have to -f an install to install a p5?

>> Does anyone know how CPAN solves this?
> CPAN lets the user choose where he wants to install things.

And that is what I decided to do, just not use macports for modules  
and use cpan much like I use php pear.

And then I got totally confused by the cpan docs as to how to set up  
the prefix.

I hope there is a perl guru that can help us through this mess. Yes, I  
think it's a mess.

I'm no expert on anything but when someone like me doesn't understand  
how to make this work without -f and friends I feel sorry for the  
other 90%.


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