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Panagiotis Atmatzidis atma at
Thu Jul 2 09:06:35 PDT 2009


I have a mac mini G4 that acts as a server on my home LAN offering  
services (dns, http, AFP, etc).

I've installed dnsmasq but I don't know how to make launchd start  
dnsmasq on boot. I understand that this has something to do with  
launchd but I could not find any documentation on how to do it.

My second issue is that when I've installed lighttpd, I did a quick  
configuration on the lighttpd.conf in order to make it work. I copy  
and paste at the terminal the command line in order to start the demon  
via launchd at boot something like this:

sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/ 

Now the problem is that while, I can clearly see that lighttpd doesn't  
bind any port(!) is running and apparently every time I kill the  
process it starts by itself, so at this point I don't have control  
over this. How can manage this situation? I want to configure it first  
and the put it at startup. Here's what I'm talking about:

devo:/opt/local/etc atma$ ps auwx|grep -i lighttpd
root     23921   0.0  0.1    27956    780  ??  Ss    6:57PM   0:00.01 / 
opt/local/bin/daemondo --label=lighttpd --start-cmd /opt/local/etc/ 
atma     23937   0.0  0.0    27812      4  p4  R+    7:05PM   0:00.00  
grep -i lighttpd
devo:/opt/local/etc atma$ sudo lsof -i|grep -i lighttpd
devo:/opt/local/etc atma$

Thank you for your time in advance,


Panagiotis (atma) Atmatzidis

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