Installation of ports from local source files in the distfiles directory possible?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jul 6 17:12:51 PDT 2009

On Jul 6, 2009, at 09:59, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> On Jul 6, 2009, at 8:21 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Jul 6, 2009, at 00:28, Florian Colbatzky wrote:
>>> Is it possible to obtain distfiles, store them in the distfiles  
>>> directory and install them from this local directory without  
>>> accessing the internet?
>>> I have only a slow connection to the internet at home (the  
>>> selfupdate took several hours), but I can get hold of the source  
>>> files from the PC of a friend of mine.
>> Yes, sure. Just download the exact file MacPorts is expecting and  
>> put it in the exact location MacPorts is expecting and it will use  
>> it when you install.
> or let port do it for you (with 'port fetch') ?

That's assuming his friend's PC has MacPorts installed.

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