Macports and Scribus

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Jul 9 15:06:08 PDT 2009

On 2009-7-10 07:54, Phil M. wrote:
> I'm having some trouble getting scribus to install via terminal.  I
> think it's a macport problem.  I'm wondering if you might be willing to
> help me out:
> System: Mac OS X 10.4 (iBook G4)
> after typing: "$ sudo port install scribus", I get: "Error: Unable to
> open port: invalid command name "use_parallel_build""
> I did some research and learned how to check to see if MP was outdate or
> something:
> Phil-Meaghers-Computer:~ Phil$ sudo port sync
> Phil-Meaghers-Computer:~ Phil$ port outdated
> No ports are installed.

Your MacPorts base is outdated. You need to run `sudo port selfupdate`
(and since this also does a sync, you should probably switch to running
this instead of sync in future).

- Josh

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