Outdated TOR port

Panagiotis Atmatzidis atma at convalesco.org
Sat Jul 11 07:15:17 PDT 2009


I'd like to install via macports the new tor-2.0.35 because it fixes  
important issues related with dynamic ip addresses and I use a dynamic  
ip on my server.

I installed tor and libevent manually to make it work without  
harassment but how can I use the new tar.gz, it's just a number with  
the ports, or how can I contact the developer to just switch to the  
new version.

 From a quick look it's not like we need to add support for further  
options, it's just a minor upgrade.

Panagiotis (atma) Atmatzidis

email:	atma at convalesco.org
URL:	http://www.convalesco.org
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