problem with recursing dependencies

Panagiotis Atmatzidis atma at
Sun Jul 12 03:11:52 PDT 2009

On 12 Ιουλ 2009, at 12:52 ΜΜ, Joshua Root wrote:

> On 2009-7-12 19:23, Panagiotis Atmatzidis wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Lately I'm having troubles with recursive dependencies. Every time I
>> install a package on a mac mini acting as a server I have keep an  
>> eye on
>> the variants and the dependencies before the installation (sudo port
>> deps/variants pkg_name).
>> But lately, I've tried to install rdiff-backup and although I've  
>> got a
>> reasonable volume of packages to be installed and I have this
>> configuration in the:
>> devo:~ atma$ tail -n 1 /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf
>> -apache -apache2 +no_x11
>> when I try to install rdiff-backup or duplicity (incremental backup
>> utilities that permit remote backup via ssh/ftp) I get these packages
>> installed:
>> [...]
>> A dozen of xorg related packages.
> Try this: < 
> >
> It shows that the xorg ports are getting pulled in in via tk. It has a
> 'quartz' variant which will remove them.
>> This machine is intended to act as a
>> server so xorg related package should not be installed if not for
>> libraries. Later it tries to install xorg itself. The problem is  
>> that I
>> can't see the circular dependencies (say like gentoo) in order to
>> determine which variants cause this mess.
> I don't see any evidence of circular dependencies.
> - Josh

Thanks. Yes, no circ-dep problem here, I was confused the issue here  
is that I can't see the entire deps tree. The script however solved  

Thank you.

ps. I can resolve this by adding -quartz in the /opt/local/etc/ 
macports/variants.conf right?

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