glade-3 with out icon and some error

nuvolare nuvolare at
Thu Jul 16 12:16:26 PDT 2009

I did as you told me and I runned again by Terminal glade-3 but with  
out icon again

So the icon-theme.cache is not any more inside the folder because I  
remouved it, and after this I did
sudo /opt/local/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache /opt/local/share/icons/hicolor
and Terminal answered with

Cache file created successfully

But glade-3 is again with aout icon

Il giorno 16/lug/09, alle ore 21:01, Guido Soranzio ha scritto:

> sudo /opt/local/bin/gtk-update-icon-cache /opt/local/share/icons/ 
> hicolor

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