Macports and http proxy

Pawel Veselov pawel.veselov at
Fri Jul 17 05:51:29 PDT 2009

> Hey
> I'm not able to get a connection with MacPorts 1.5 running on
> Leopard. It loops trying to download the files from all the mirrors
> it knows but isn't able to make a connection. Arg, I didn't used to
> have this problem in 10.4.
> I've set a http_proxy env variable as well as a "proxy =" line
> in .curlrc. Curl itself from the commandline works perfectly fine,
> however when invoked by Macports it just doesn't make the connection.

I know, I know, this is 2007 post, but here am I, running into the
same wall, and there wasn't an answer in the thread that worked for

So, what I found that this is not a bug. This is what needs to be done:
1. Export the environment variable (usually http_proxy, check curl's
man), to the full address of the proxy (proto://host:port).
2. Check your /etc/sudoers (under sudo), and see the variable list. If
the variable doesn't find its way to libcurl, it must be sudo that
clears it out. In my default Leopard coniguration, sudo had
"env_reset" instruction, and then a handful of variables that are
allowed. "http_proxy" wasn't one of them, of course, and adding it
there (as Defaults env_keep += "http_proxy") solved the problem.

-- Pawel.

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