gimp-2.6.6_2+x11 startup issue

David Evans devans at
Sun Jul 19 11:51:00 PDT 2009

Ivan Kawaler wrote:
> I'm still kicking myself for bothering to upgrade when I had a
> relatively well working v2.6.4 on my system, so please go easy.  Upon
> startup, I get nothing but the following in my terminal:
> Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".
> Bus error
> I think, as I'm still trying to learn what it all means, my
> gimp-2.6.crash.log claims the thread that crashed was:
> 0   libX11.6.dylib                 0x0157f0c8
> _X11TransSocketUNIXConnect + 936
> This all occurred on the initial startup after compiling, so it has
> not successfully been launched.  All ports are up to date using
> MacPorts base 1.710 and running under 10.4.11 with Xcode 2.5.  Any
> thoughts?
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As maintainer for gimp2, I can't reproduce this problem on the same
problem.  GIMP 2.6.6 installs and works well for me on the same

Looks like an X11 problem so make sure that everything is up to date there.

Which X11 server are you using, the one supplied by apple or the
MacPorts version xorg-server.  I am using the latter and recommend it.
Although it should work with either.

Would help to see the full crash.log


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