upgrade outdated is making me miserable

Bill Hernandez ms at mac-specialist.com
Tue Jul 21 20:57:27 PDT 2009

On Jul 21, 2009, at 12:08 PM, Lenore Horner wrote:

> I thought nothing on my list of ports that were outdated was  
> anything I had installed with options beyond what where the defaults  
> I set (not to use X11 specifically).  I thought upgrade at least  
> obeyed the default options.  I knew it didn't obey the hand ones.   
> Now I have a ton of xorg stuff installing that I definitely  
> absolutely do not want.  Is there any way of undoing this mess other  
> than uninstalling macports entirely and then installing the things I  
> really want individually.  Can I never do upgrade, but must always  
> uninstall and then install port by port?
> Thanks,
> Lenore


You might want to look at CarbonCopyCloner. Prior to any upgrade clone  
your primary drive. It takes about 15 minutes, its painless.

I recently bought a hardware raid 1 Guardian Maximus from MacSales.com  
and it has worked spectacularly. It comes with two 1 terabyte drives  
running mirrored backup. I partitioned them into seven partitions, and  
backup using CCC which does bootable backups, so at different stages  
during the setup process on OS X Server, I would clone the boot drive  
to the next available partition, and if something got screwed up  
during the next phase of setup, all I had to do was boot from the  
previous partition, CCC clone back to the primary drive, restart and  
press on....

I ran into a number of problems setting up Leopard Server, and CCC  
saved me several times. I have since begun doing the same thing on my  
iMac workstation, and am really happy. An upgrade on MacPorts  

PsyncX never worked correctly creating bootable partition backups for  
me. I have also used Synchronize Pro X for some time, and even though  
I use it to backup or synchronize directories, I have not been able to  
get any of them to work as well as CCC for bootable clones.

BTW the Maximus drive can run on one drive if the other one fails for  
any reason, once you replace the bad drive, the good one will mirror  
the new one. Even when I partitioned the drive, I partitioned one, it  
mirrored the other one via hardware. It is awesome, especially it was  
only $325 which was about the same they wanted for lesser quality  
drives at Fry's.

I was at the Apple Store yesterday and they were selling a really  
rinky-dink raid drive in a plastic enclosure for about the same price.  
THe one I got comes in a beautiful metal enclosure.


Disclosure : I don't know anyone at MacSales, I have no involvement  
with them, I found the drive on the web, and bought it.

Best Regards,

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas

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