Darwin Ports

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Fri Jul 24 10:13:26 PDT 2009

This may be a silly question, and my phone only access today is  
preventing me from better research.

Are MacPorts port files compatable with Darwin Ports? Is Darwin Ports  
still even alive?

Where does Fink fit into all this? If Fink is still active, would it  
not make sense to team up and consolidate the two projects? Perhaps  
there are fundamental differences in Fink and MacPorts.

What are the package managers for the other BSD's? If I was to desire  
to start using something like FreeBSD or openBSD, would I be able to  
have easy access to all the great software MacPorts offers?

Getting a little off topic, how parallel are the other BSD's to OS X.  
For example, would I find launchd on free/open BSD?

Thanks all.
Iphone says hello.

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