php5 with pear and curl

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jul 31 22:57:26 PDT 2009

On Jul 31, 2009, at 20:50, Troy Dalmasso wrote:

> I first installed MacPorts two years ago and haven't really touched  
> it since so my knowledge of this is lacking. My MAMP stack has been  
> working fine, for the most part. But now I find that I need curl  
> and pear. I ran through much of the documentation and quickly  
> remembered how to add a variant while adding a port. I got php+pear  
> running with little effort.
> My problem, is that I can't seem to figure out how to get curl to  
> work. I did find the php5-http port, and that would solve my curl  
> issue, but it doesn't allow pear as a dependency.
> So, I'm guessing that somehow, by having both of the php5+pear and  
> php-curl ports, I'm supposed to have the capability I need now? I  
> can't seem to get curl to work, however, and the word curl only  
> appears once in my phpinfo() and that is where an additional .ini  
> file is read:
> Additional .ini files parsed/opt/local/var/db/php5/curl.ini
> Can someone explain what further steps I need to take to get this  
> php-curl (extension?) port to work in tandem, or be recognized, by  
> my php5+pear port? It's obvious just *having* these two ports isn't  
> enough.

Yes, just having those two ports installed should be enough.  
Unfortunately, the default php.ini files distributed with versions of  
php prior to 5.3.0 have an extensions_dir line which is broken.  
Simply removing any extensions_dir lines from your php.ini should  
allow php5-curl and other php module ports to work.

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