Ability to run Anacron as a user

John J. Foster macports at festus.festusandsimone.org
Tue Jun 2 13:31:00 PDT 2009

Good afternoon,

I've got a TrueCrypt volume that I would like to rsync changes to over
an SSH connection daily. I've set up a script that works fine for me
from the command line. However, I can't get this to work with anacron
because I do not have, and do not want to put,  roots ssh public key on
the remote server. I tried to configure the anacrontab file to use su to
accomplish this, but it looks like my local user does not have write
capability to the anacron spool directory. Digging online shows that it
is possible with some versions on anacron to run it under users
credentials and to use the command line option -S to specify a different
spool, ideally in $HOME. But this option isn't available in macports
anacron. Does anyone have any ideas here?


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