OSX Upgrades: Snow Leopard

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Tue Jun 9 08:19:18 PDT 2009

On 2009-6-9 22:15, Tim Visher wrote:
> Hi Darren,
> On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 1:20 AM, Darren Weber<dweber at macports.org> wrote:
>> What happens to a MacPorts installation when we install a distribution
>> upgrade to OSX, say Leopard to Snow Leopard?  Do we need to backup the
>> MacPorts installation, or is the ${prefix} path immune to the upgrade?  What
>> about startup items (launchd or anything that violates the mtree)?
> I can't be sure technically but I've upgraded OS X for every release
> since MacPorts came out (Back when it was called DarwinPorts. Jaguar?)
> and I've never had to reinstall it.  So, anecdotally I think you're
> safe.  If you care very deeply you should of course back it up just in
> case.

Both MacPorts base and each port are built for a specific major OS
version. Maybe they'll work acceptably on a newer version, maybe they
won't. The only safe option has always been to record your installed
ports, uninstall MacPorts entirely, install the correct base version for
your OS, then install your ports again.

- Josh

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