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Thu Jun 11 05:02:03 PDT 2009

Le 11 juin 09 à 06:55, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Jun 10, 2009, at 16:26, Thomas De Contes wrote:
>>>> because it tries to Activate the aleady compiled python25,  
>>>> despite the fact that i recompiled MacPorts with differents options
>>> Then you will need to uninstall that python25 and recompile it.
>>> Note that you don't need to recompile MacPorts to change  
>>> applications_dir or most of the other variables. All it does when  
>>> you use --with-applications-dir is that it writes the value of  
>>> that argument to the macports.conf file. So you can edit that  
>>> file yourself later to change the values.
>> but i want to maintain a script which is able to install MacPorts  
>> or update it, according to that which it needs
> Good idea, I have one of those too!
>> well, is it possible to update macports.conf with ./configure  
>> (except deleting it) ?
>> i looked at "./configure --help" but i didn't find anything (but i  
>> don't know it very well)
> I don't believe running ./configure will modify an existing  
> macports.conf.

ok, i will remove it

have i also to remove all macports/etc/macports/*.conf files ? and  
other files ?

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