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Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Thu Jun 11 07:49:04 PDT 2009

On 2009-06-10 , at 22:17 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>>> I am guessing it is using the port name as the key for the  
>>> hostconfig file, and that the hostconfig file does not support  
>>> hyphens in its variable names. So that would be a problem. Perhaps  
>>> I can tell it to continue to use the key  
>>> "mysql5" (" mysql5"?) You can try adding that to  
>>> the mysql5-server port already if you want, but I will also test  
>>> when I'm back at my Panther machine tonight.
>> That certainly did the trick - to think a "-" in a name should be  
>> such a problem...
> I committed this change in r52144. I didn't test on Panther yet so  
> please let me know if that works now.

sudo SystemStarter -d restart mysql5

Running command (13345): /Library/StartupItems/mysql5/mysql5 restart
Unable to load localization strings for /Library/StartupItems/mysql5
Restarting mysql5
Unable to load localization strings for /Library/StartupItems/mysql5
Stopping mysql5
Shutting down MySQL. SUCCESS!
Unable to load localization strings for /Library/StartupItems/mysql5
Starting mysql5
Starting MySQL..Unable to load localization strings for /Library/ 
Waiting for mysql5
Finished mysql5 (13345)

I don't recall ever seeing the bit about localization strings.

mysql5 restarts properly, thus both "stop" and "start" work.


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