Thomas De Contes d.l.tDeContes at free.fr
Sat Jun 13 17:20:52 PDT 2009

hi :-)

i think it would be very useful to be able to make a purging,

given that the user knows which ports he needs, but he doesn't  
control the dependencies

I propose:

a new state : "locked"

when the user installs a port, it becomes locked, but not its  
when the user installs a port which is already installed, it locks it

locking wouldn't have effect on operations manually done by the  
user : if he wants to uninstall a port, it unlocks and uninstalls it

when the user makes a purging :

- it lists all locked ports
- it makes the tree of dependencies of this list
- it uninstalls ports which are not in this tree

the "locked" state represents the ports that the user knows and  
directly needs

it's usefull to remember the list of ports declared needed, and then  
say "oh, this one, i don't need it any more"
and then a purging uninstalls all dependencies of this port which are  
not used by an other port :-)

it can also be usefull in the case where :

a port A and a port B exist
C depends on A
then, the author of C finds that B is better, so C doesn't depend on  
A longer
but A still exists ...
then A isn't very usefull and waste space, entries, ... :-)

what do you think about this ? :-)

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