Thomas De Contes d.l.tDeContes at free.fr
Sun Jun 14 07:56:44 PDT 2009

Le 14 juin 09 à 02:20, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

> On Jun 13, 2009, at 18:43, Thomas De Contes wrote:
>>> dbus wants to install a startupitem so you need to either use  
>>> sudo to install it, or use the no_startupitem variant.
>> thank you :-)
>> well, is it possible to make MacPorts to automatically switch to  
>> the appropriate variant, in a such case ?
> No,

i was not spoking about "do it right now", but rather "is it possible  
to improve MacPorts, so it will be able to do it later"
possibly with adding an option to ./configure or to port command, to  
allow it to do so

still no ?

> but if you are certain you never want any port to install a startup  
> item, you can set the startup item type to none as Josh explained.

the problem is that i remove macports.conf in my script (see my last  
post in "python25")

it can't be set via ./configure, can it ?

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