Koha via macports

Marc Chantreux mc at macports.org
Mon Jun 15 03:02:24 PDT 2009


i read more and more mails about koha on macports so 

- i cc my last answer to the list (hope that it's a good idea)
- i redirected mc.koha-fr.org to 
- i'll publish my "plan for koha on macports" on my blog soon (yeah! i
  really had one).

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 01:12:09AM +0200, Rainer Müller wrote:
> As far as I know the domain mc.koha-fr.org (although unreachable at the
> moment for me) is maintained by Marc Chantreux, so I put him to CC in
> this mail.

I apologize! please read:

I really have to document and i will soon! i'll push instructions
directly in the koha sources (i have permission from the koha RM for
this). I will also post soon about my "plan for koha macports". 

> > To get DBD::mysql to install

i have no mac there (that's the major reason i don't put my work on the
trunk) but i'm pretty sure there is a macport for that! please search
for it and install this way! 

port search mysql | grep p5 

should give you clues 

> > If there is anything I can do to help test, or document let me know.

OMG! Yesssss! Please
- stop your install now 
- back to a fresh state if possible 
- wait for my doc (this week, i'm almost able to promise) 
- report problems reading it and following instructions 


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