How to request MacPorts to add a port?

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Sat Jun 20 12:34:28 PDT 2009

It does not look like it exists. I went ahead and made a port file for  
you.  When I get some time, I will submit it to the port trac.

In the meantime, you can do this:

Then, in your local repo you just made, make a dir called "perl" and  
in that make a dir called "p5-www-urltoys", and cd into it.

Put this in a file called "p5-www-urltoys"

Contents of the file pasted below, careful of the line breaks and  
wrapping that email is going to do to it.

 From inside the "p5-www-urltoys" run `sudo port install`

$sudo port install
--->  Fetching p5-www-urltoys
--->  Verifying checksum(s) for p5-www-urltoys
--->  Extracting p5-www-urltoys
--->  Configuring p5-www-urltoys
--->  Building p5-www-urltoys
--->  Staging p5-www-urltoys into destroot
--->  Installing p5-www-urltoys @1.28_0
--->  Activating p5-www-urltoys @1.28_0
--->  Cleaning p5-www-urltoys

Showing that it was installed
$port installed | grep urltoys
   p5-www-urltoys @1.28_0 (active)

I know little about perl, so just to make sure it is installed:
/opt/local/bin/perl -MWWW::URLToys -e 1
returns nothing, which I believe means it is now installed.

# $Id$

PortSystem               1.0
PortGroup                perl5 1.0

perl5.setup              WWW-URLToys 1.28

description              WWW::URLToys - gather and download URLs from  

long_description         WWW::URLToys is a separation of the program  
URLToys \
                          into its core code (this module), and the  
programs \
                          that use it (urltoys and urltoysw). This  
module has \
                          been made available via CPAN to allow others  
to use \
                          URLToys commands on their Perl arrays, and  
to create \
                          interfaces for URLToys that far surpass  
those of the \
                          original creator.


checksums                md5     de1951e1a3a1f7095631376f115ed7b9 \
7011e9e28fb0374fea0dc29423c2bded4a099b22 \

platforms               darwin

On Jun 20, 2009, at 12:13 AM, Scott wrote:

> How to request MacPorts to add a port?
> I have urltoys -- extremely useful.
> I'd like it added into the MacPorts directory universe,
> where it can be neatly killed, etc.
> How to do this?

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