How to request MacPorts to add a port?

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Mon Jun 22 17:12:01 PDT 2009

On Jun 22, 2009, at 2:24 AM, Scott wrote:

> Can anyone just point me to an explanation?  Can anyone use URLtoys
> on Mac OS X?  If you look around you'll see that lots of Mac folks
> have tk problems:

I think that link more or less explains it, this is not a MacPorts  
issue, or a CPAN issue.

I installed as per these instructions:


In MacPorts terminology, that means:
   p5-libwww-perl @5.826_0 (active)
   p5-term-readline-gnu @1.16_0 (active)
   p5-tk @804.028_0 (active)

And of course
   p5-www-urltoys @1.28_0 (active)

Downloaded the file, and ran it, after altering the  
starting line to point to MacPorts perl.

I get ./
Bus error

This is consistent with the problems listed at this url:

The last comment, only 2 months old, shows the same issue.  Everyone  
seems to get a bus error.  You will need to report this bug to the tk  
developers, and have them work it out, then update tk.

Seems MacPorts knows about this as well:
That just points back to the links you found

At this point, this is nothing you are doing wrong, but something that  
the people behind the upstream software are going to need to fix.
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