MacPorts and x86_64?

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at
Thu Jun 25 03:08:08 PDT 2009

It's likely that some software either won't build as 64-bit, or if it
builds it won't work right.

It's not in MacPorts (yet), but ZooLib won't build as 64-bit, because
it has a header file that sets up macros to identity the target
platform and processor, and we just haven't implemented 64-bit builds
yet.  I don't think the code itself would have any problems with
64-bit, bit if you try to compile it that way, the header gives you a


If there are any such programs in MacPorts, you'll need to identify
them and restrict their builds to 32-bit until they can be updated.

(I would be happy to maintain a ZooLib port for MacPorts, but not quite yet.)

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