Error for installation glade in Tiger

nuvolare nuvolare at
Mon Jun 29 13:31:42 PDT 2009

Ok, I did everithing and all are as you told me the only thing that I  
didn't find is the port in (/opt/local) there is not port here.

I run glade by typing glade-3 on Terminal with X11 open and glade  
it's running but with out push-buttons, and in Terminal I find this  
I pasted only the last message

glade-3:23375): GladeUI-WARNING **: No icon named 'widget-gnome- 
iconlist' was found for object class 'GnomeIconList'.
GladeUI-Message: No displayable values for property  

(glade-3:23375): GladeUI-WARNING **: No icon named 'widget-bonobo- 
dock' was found for object class 'BonoboDock'.

(glade-3:23375): GladeUI-WARNING **: No icon named 'widget-bonobo- 
dockitem' was found for object class 'BonoboDockItem'.
Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".

(glade-3:23375): Gtk-WARNING **: Impossibile trovare l'icona ?widget- 
gtk-frame?. Il tema ?hicolor?
non ? stato trovato e potrebbe essere necessario installarlo.
? possibile recuperarne una copia presso:

Il giorno 29/giu/09, alle ore 20:07, David Evans ha scritto:

> nuvolare wrote:
>> Hello, I did what you told me and it installed succecfully, but  
>> now how I've to run gale3?
>> I tryed by Terminal e by X11 but with out resul
>> What I've to do?
>> Thank you
> Assuming that the port is installed in the default prefix path (/ 
> opt/local), the glade executable is installed as
> /opt/local/bin/glade-3
> To confirm on your system try
> devans% port contents glade3
> Port glade3 contains:
>  /opt/local/bin/glade-3
>  /opt/local/include/libgladeui-1.0/gladeui/glade-accels.h
>  /opt/local/include/libgladeui-1.0/gladeui/glade-activatable-editor.h
>  /opt/local/include/libgladeui-1.0/gladeui/glade-app.h
>  /opt/local/include/libgladeui-1.0/gladeui/glade-attributes.h
> ...
> make sure that this is in your path by typing
> devans% which glade-3
> /opt/local/bin/glade-3
> if not edit your path to include /opt/local/bin
> Since this is an X11 application, be sure your X11 server is  
> running and type
> glade-3
> from xterm or
> open-x11 glade-3
> from the Terminal which will start X11 for you if necessary

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