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Sat May 2 09:23:41 PDT 2009

Thomas De Contes wrote:
> Le 27 avr. 09 à 09:09, Anders F Björklund a écrit :
>> Rainer Müller wrote:
>>>>> For one
>>>>> thing, if you are running on Mac OS X you are not running on pure
>>>>> darwin;
>>>> ah ?
>>>> i thought that "pure darwin" was the UNIX layer under the GUI, not
>>>> only the OS for those who don't have GUI at all
>>> No, puredarwin is <>.
> why are they different ?
> what is the advantage for apple to maintaing 2 different versions of
> darwin ??

Apple doesn't maintain PureDarwin. It's a separate project to make a
usable OS using the Darwin sources released by Apple.

Apple used to release bootable disk images containing only the open
source Darwin components, which is what is referred to in the paragraph
quoted below.

>> The +puredarwin variant also applies to the Apple OS releases
>> darwin8 and darwin7 etc, in addition to PureDarwin's darwin9.
> so, "port install python25 +puredarwin" doesn't works because of a bug,
> it's not right ?

You shouldn't select platform variants manually, as it says in their
descriptions. MacPorts will select the applicable ones automatically.
The fact that you *can* select platform variants manually is a bug,
which will be fixed in MacPorts 1.8.

>> Technically it currently reads "Darwin, without Carbon/Cocoa".
>> Usually implies using X11 instead, for the graphic interface.
> if it doesn't use Carbon/Cocoa it uses X11 instead ?
> the puredarwin variant isn't command line only ?

The puredarwin variant is designed to be selected when you are running
Darwin and the closed-source Mac OS X components are not present.
(Actually we just check for the existence of
/System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework.) It has nothing to do with
what GUI is used, if any.

- Josh

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