PortAuthority 2.8 released

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Thu May 7 07:58:48 PDT 2009

Code by Kevin has released PortAuthority 2.8, a GUI for the MacPorts 
Unix software management system for Mac OS X.

PortAuthority provides a graphical user interface for the MacPorts 
software management system for Mac OS X. MacPorts is a powerful 
command-line tool for installing and updating a variety of Unix-based 
applications for the Mac. Its power, though, comes at the cost of some 
complexity; in the past the only way to utilize MacPorts was to type in 
various commands into the Mac's Terminal application, which can be 
intimidating for those users without a Unix background.

PortAuthority aims to bring the power of MacPorts to the traditional Mac 
user by providing a user-friendly graphical interface to MacPorts. Using 
a familiar combination of windows, icons, and menus, PortAuthority users 
can search, install, update, and remove MacPorts programs and the 
MacPorts infrastructure itself.

Among the features and improvements in this release:

* Dock icon now changes when long-running process is active.
* Now uses system sounds to indicate when long-running process starts 
and stops.
* Can now copy text from the main data display.
* Fixed bug in printing engine; now prints correct number of copies.
* Fixed bug in serial number registration; now correctly calculates days 
in demo period.

PortAuthority is shareware; a license costs $24.95 and a 30-day demo is 
available. Mac OS X 10.4 is the minimum supported OS. PortAuthority is a 
universal binary.

For more information about PortAuthority, including download links, see 
Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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