Announcing: port_upgrade

Joshua Root jmr at
Sat May 9 18:42:48 PDT 2009

Scott C. Kennedy wrote:
> Okay, maybe  I'm being a bit stupid here, but if I had I compiled
> wireshark several months ago, and it required libpcap, however the port
> for wireshark was upgraded BEFORE the port for libpcap... So, if I don't
> rebuild wireshark AFTER the libpcap upgrade I would have a problem like
> "The wireshark package depends on the major version of libpcap, and as
> such requires rebuild when a new major version of that package is
> pushed. <>"
> But if I use port_upgrade, then I don't in fact jmr in this ticket even
> agreed that "If someone uses "port upgrade outdated" and the bumped
> libpcap doesn't result in dependencies (like wireshark) being rebuilt, I
> think that's a bug with "port upgrade" and should not be fixed by
> band-aiding ports every time their dependencies are changed. "

I didn't write that, ricci did. Anyhow, this ticket is for a base
enhancement that would help in these situations:

And here is a tool that selectively rebuilds ports that are detected to
be linked to libraries that are gone:

- Josh

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