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EmmGunn emmgunn at
Thu May 14 11:28:04 PDT 2009

Sorry for being so dense, but what happens when your installing using  
system 10.5 and there is a darwin_8 variant but no darwin_9 variant?   
Will the darwin_8 be used and the result work on 10.4, but then be  
iffy on 10.5?  This is the mplayer-devel port file.

On May 14, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Joshua Root wrote:

> On 2009-5-15 02:20, EmmGunn wrote:
>> If I may, I have a follow up on the platform constraints.
>> So these constraints have nothing to do with what systems the  
>> compiled
>> binaries will run on.  Is that right?  I seem to recall reading
>> somewhere that macport builds will run on 10.4 and higher if I  
>> install
>> with 10.5.
> That's not true in general. Platform variants contain code specific  
> both
> to building on the corresponding platform and to running on it.  
> MacPorts
> does not currently offer a way to build on one platform and target  
> another.
> Running Leopard-built binaries on Tiger may succeed in *some* cases if
> you change universal_target to 10.4 and universal_sysroot to
> /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk. But any time there is a darwin_8  
> and/or
> darwin_9 variant, MP will select the one matching the build machine,
> which will generally cause problems.
> - Josh

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