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Thu May 21 17:39:08 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I just installed the netcdf libs:

port install netcdf4 +universal

However, despite being called netcdf4, it doesn't appear to support 
netcdf 4, but rather only 3 -- netcdf4 is built on top of hdf5, which 
was not installed and built in this case. I took a look in the port file 
online and noticed:

28	#depends_lib    port:hdf5 \
29	#            port:szip

34	configure.args  --enable-shared  --disable-f77
35	#                --enable-netcdf-4
36	#                --with-szlib=${prefix}
37	#                --with-hdf5=${prefix}

so it looks like netcdf4 support has been commented out. Anyone know why?

I'd also love to get '--enable-dap if possible

It also looks like the recent release is 4.0.1, it would be nice to get 
that updated.


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