Janosch Peters petersj at
Sat Nov 7 09:59:38 PST 2009

On 11-05-2009, Jeff Pitman <jeff.pitman at> wrote:
> For some reason started crashing for me. I then did a full
> update of all outdated packages, but no effect. Anyone else having 
> same issue?

Yes, I do. If we can verify that it is the same error, we could open a 
bug report. Are you running the no_x11/quartz variant?

Could your run gimp from the command line and have a look if there 
occures a "Bus error"? It would be even better if you could install the 
debug version:

gimp2 @2.6.7_0+darwin_9+debug+no_x11+quartz 

and run

gimp --g-fatal-warnings --stack-trace-mode=always

on the console.


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