HDF5 dilemma

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Nov 9 00:15:31 PST 2009

On Nov 6, 2009, at 17:34, Darren Weber wrote:

> $ sudo port activate hdf5-18 @1.8.3_1
> --->  Activating hdf5-18 @1.8.3_1
> Error: port activate failed: Image error: /opt/local/bin/gif2h5 is  
> being used by the active hdf5 port.  Please deactivate this port  
> first, or use 'port -f activate hdf5-18' to force the activation.
> The hdf5 and hdf5-18 ports are behaving like separate ports, up to  
> the point of activation conflicts.  There are two maintainers for  
> these ports (in the CC list of this email); can we get together on  
> this and work out the activation conflict?

They are separate ports, but appear to conflict. If the conflict is  
intentional, both ports should use the new "conflicts" keyword  
available as of MacPorts 1.8.0. If the conflict is not intentional,  
and it should be possible to install both ports simultaneously, then  
the conflict should be resolved by these two maintainers so that the  
two ports do not attempt to both install the same file(s).

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