mercurial problem on 10.6 (seemingly identical to ticket #21283)

Bryan Blackburn blb at
Wed Nov 11 12:30:36 PST 2009

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:43:16AM +0200, joerg van den hoff said:
> I've just installed macports 1.8.1 on a new macbook pro running 10.6
> and installed some packages,
> most of them without problems (thanks to everybody involved!).
> but mercurial fails with exactly the same error message as reported
> in ticket 21283 (bottom line "no module named osutils").
> that ticket is seemingly closed, and I don't see what I should do
> now. any advice?

That ticket was closed as a duplicate of #21389:


If you look at this one you'll see it's a umask issue.  If you use a more
open umask when installing a port, it should be okay.  You'll need to use
that workaround until MacPorts 1.8.2 is released.


> thanks
> joerg

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