installed, uninstalled clean xemacs, no install fails

Uwe Brauer oub at
Mon Nov 16 01:36:49 PST 2009


I installed on macports 1.8.1 finally succesfully emacs and then xemacs
however there was what seems to me an incompatiblity issue so I
uninstalled both, cleaned them
sudo port -t uninstall xemacs
sudo port -t clean xemacs

and then
sudo port -t install xemacs
However now
the following errors occurred
trace: access denied to /opt/local/lib/X11/config/noop.rules (xorg-cf-files)
Warning: An activity was attempted outside sandbox:

and finally

temacs can only be run in -batch mode.
make: *** [lisp/auto-autoloads.el] Error 255

Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

so it failed, what can I do thanks

Uwe Brauer
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