mdmg etc

Eric neric27 at
Mon Nov 16 12:00:34 PST 2009

I would like to know if variants work and how to specify variants, e.g.
sudo port mpkg gpodder +quartz +no_x11
to create a package of gpodder with gtk-quartz, etc..

And is it possible to install the package somewhere else than (say) in
/opt/local ?

Also, will exiting archives be reused or will the packaging commands
always rebuild from scratch ?


Joshua Root a écrit :
> On 2009-11-16 17:54, David Cake wrote:
>>     anyone goy any advice at all on how mdmd, mkg, etc work beyond the
>> man page?
> I can't think of much more to add. What exactly don't you understand?
> - Josh
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