sudo port install gksu

Eralp Karaduman eralpkaraduman at
Thu Nov 26 14:53:38 PST 2009


I've just typed "sudo port install gksu" on terminal, and found large
amount of dependant packages.. so downloading and installing them.

My aim was to use gksu functionality on osx. I was modifying a
textmate bundle for HaXe to run swf files on external flash player by
keyboard shortcut, when doing this at the point of execution of
flashplayer, I lacked sudo priviledges.. so needed to do something
like "gksu" on linux

My question is, ports is downloading too many things, is this normal?
Shall I let it complete its work?
And im feeling like I've just done a very stupid thing, there should
be a workaround for what i am trying to do, is it?


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