PATH procedures

Scott Haneda talklists at
Fri Oct 2 19:20:17 PDT 2009

Here is my PATH as reported by ENV

Is this pretty standard, to have to add the {prefix}/apache2/bin to  
your PATH?

Take this for example:
$which mysql5

$which mysqldump5

That makes things really easy, since mysql's command binaries were all  
decided to be located in {prefix}/bin, things just work right off the  
bat.  Looking at the portfile for BIND, I can see that the binary for  
named ends up in {prefix}/sbin/named, also in the default ports PATH.

Is Apache the lone soldier here, or should I expect to have to keep  
appending to my PATH over time? I was also thinking, perhaps the  
apache2 porfile, in the meantime, should symblink it's command  
binaries, then there would be no need for that PATH alteration.  It  
appears that is how mysql5 has done it.

If I compare the mysql5 portfile, it is 2 lines of tcl in a repeat  
loop to make it happen.  I would be happy to modify the port, or post  
the suggestion to trac if this is the correct way to go about this.
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