.bashrc .profile .bash_profile

Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Mon Oct 5 06:02:48 PDT 2009

On 2009-10-04 , at 18:17 , Scott Haneda wrote:

> I usually set up a line like that on all my remote machines, so when  
> I ssh in, I am greeted with something that tells me what machine I  
> am on.  Most have the same username, and I try not to add too much  
> data to the PS1 setting, as long paths can do strange visual things  
> for me with line wrap.
> This has never caused me any issues.  However, I tried to use  
> Interarchy, to ssh/sftp into a remote host, something I do all the  
> time, and this time around, I got a login failure.  As soon as I  
> removed my echo statements that were printing out which files were  
> being sourced, I was allowed login again.
> Do you think this is a client issue, with Interarchy, or do I need  
> to perhaps echo those statements out in a different way, in some way  
> that returns data, rather than prints out a string?

"chatter" from .profile and friends is not a good thing. As you can  
see some applications fail (sometimes in the most confusing way) when  
there is unexpected output on stdout (or stderr for that matter).

Keep your profiles quiet and your applications will be happy.

Things really don't change - this has been a problem/feature since the  


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