Problems installing i386-elf-gcc on Snow Leopard

Björn Swift bjorn at
Mon Oct 26 14:49:08 PDT 2009

Hey Joshua

2009/10/26 Joshua Root <jmr at>:
> I believe there are tickets for both of these in trac, which you should
> be able to find by searching. Please attach your patches to them.

Could you be referring to #20816 and #21194? Both of these are closed
and refer to ports other than i386-elf-gcc. Should I still attach
patches to those tickets, rather than opening a new ticket?

In any case, I'd prefer to get the compiler working before submitting
a patch - just in case anything else needs to be added to the patch.
Do you have any idea what could be causing the cc1 or crt0.o errors
described in my previous email?

Thanks for your time,
Björn Swift

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