Gnucash not starting properly- probably gconf & dbus related

Olaf Foellinger olaf at
Thu Oct 29 05:40:54 PDT 2009


* David Rowe <drowe at> [29.10.09 09:32]wrote:

> Have just encountered a problem that seems to have come and gone
> several times in the last year It seems to be back again:
> After upgrading several ports, Gnucash does not start up properly.
> Two warning windows appear saying:
> "An error occured while loading or saving configuration information
> for Gnucash. Some of your configuration settings may not work
> properly"
> &
> "Cannot find default values: The configuration data used to specify
> default values for Gnucash cannot be found in the default system
> locations. Without this data GnuCash will still operate properly but
> it may require some extra time to setup. Do you wish to setup the
> configuration data?"

here GnuCash quartz is running fine as a quartz build with macports. The
error message above shows indeed problems with dbus. At the end of the
installation of dbus a message appears to tell about two startup items
that must be activated (one as root, one as user). After doing this
gnucash works fine here. Do oyu have problems with the X11 or the quartz

Gruß Olaf

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