py26-scipy dependencies

Luís Beça luis.beca at
Mon Sep 21 12:46:05 PDT 2009

On 2009-09-21, at 3:34 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Sep 21, 2009, at 14:33, Luís Beça wrote:
>>> I think it's probably because of the way the swig port is written.  
>>> It says:
>>> default_variants	+python +perl +ruby +php5
>>> This means: these variants will be autoselected. Always. Even if  
>>> you have already requested other variants for this port. Try  
>>> deselecting the undesired variants explicitly, either on the  
>>> command line or in variants.conf, e.g.:
>>> sudo port -d install py26-scipy +gcc44 -perl -ruby -php5
>> It still builds ruby and all that. Thanks
> Hm. Ok, I wasn't sure if the variants would be passed through from  
> py26-scipy since it doesn't itself declare variants of those names.  
> In that case, you'll have to put "-perl -ruby -php5" in your  
> variants.conf.

Still builds ruby etc.

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