Changing History to only store unique commands

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Wed Sep 30 19:23:00 PDT 2009

On Sep 30, 2009, at 20:51, Peter Hindrichs wrote:

> On 2009-09-30, at 21:21 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Sounds like the MacPorts installer set up your PATH in  
>> your .profile. Bash will read startup instructions from  
>> either .bash_profile or .profile, but ignores .profile  
>> if .bash_profile is present. So, pick one file and put all your  
>> code in that one, and delete the other one.
> Freedom:~ peterhin$ ls -a

> .profile
> .profile.macports-saved_2009-09-28_at_09:30:38

> So If I understand correctly I should delete the

If you like; it has no influence on anything. It was created by  
someone or something as a backup of your .profile at some point in time.

> and place the  "export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups" in the .profile and  
> all should work.

I would think so, yes.

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