Trouble upgrading py26-setuptools to latest version

Marko Käning mk-lists at
Tue Apr 6 06:33:36 PDT 2010


since quite a while I have the port "py26-setuptools" registered as outdated.

Actually its current version is 0.6c11_1, whereas I have 0.6c11_0 on my system.

When updating it will not be upgraded to the latest version!!!

Running upgrade with "-d -v" I saw:
DEBUG: Found port in file:///opt/local/var/macports/sources/
DEBUG: epoch: in tree: 0 installed: 0
DEBUG: py26-setuptools 0.6c11_1 exists in the ports tree
DEBUG: py26-setuptools 0.6c11_0  is the latest installed
DEBUG: no version of py26-setuptools is active
DEBUG: Merging existing variants  into variants
DEBUG: new fully merged portvariants: 
DEBUG: py26-setuptools is replaced by py26-distribute

So, I figured it's this replacement by py26-distribute causing the trouble... ???
Removing py26-setuptools is not easy, since there are lots of dependencies dangling...

Wonder what the right approach to fix this would be.


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